Its birthday weekend around here.

Our beautiful Alexa Lynn is 4 today. 

Tay turned 11 yesterday. She is no longer a single digit birthday. Look out, shes growing up. Our first granddaughter. We love your artistic, creative thinking and your beautiful smile.
Family is everything and with four kiddos in this family they have lots of fun with grandma and grandpa. We have shared so many memories.
Birthdays 2014 Tay and Alexa
Her baby sister Natalie
Her brother Drew 

Alexa is our family princess. She loves pretty things, pretty dresses, and being called a princess. She always says sorry and nothing makes her happier than if someone from her family has time for her. 

She loves the park
Her princess bike

Cinderella waiting for her prince. 

She loves God and going to church. Her heart is so sweet. 
 We love you Tay and Alexa to the moon and back a million times. 

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  1. Adorable girls! Proud grandma! So sweet. Memories to cherish. Enjoy the day! Erin