Thanksgiving week, family is what its all about.

Our family Thanksgiving week here in CA. 

Me and my sweetie having breakfast at Panera with Grandpa before we headed off to pick up some items for thanksgiving dinner. This year we kept it on the healthy side and decided we did not need 3 kinds of potatoes and an assortment of deserts, to name a few. 
Nobody needs to be miserable after a family meal!! 
It was nice to keep things simple for a change. 

This is our dining/ work bench room. We use three rooms in our home for our business. They all cleaned up the plate of veges and ranch dip, crackers and cheese. Just plain old stuff and they loved it. 
This is our son and his family. Three girls and a boy and every day we create stories that make everything we work so hard for seem worth it. Never a dull moment, that is for sure.

Our princess and her brother. 

 They bought a little house in our town 3 years ago and after a seven months in Tennessee that year. We missed our grand kids and they miss us so much, upon returning they figured out how to get us to live very close. After a year of praying about our next chapter Mike and I feel fortunate to live in the same court, in other words right across the street half of our family. Our other kids live in Oregon on the coast we love so much. We miss them and wish it were close enough for regular trips. That was our plan and we still have that in our goals. 

The two younger girls spend several hours a day during the week while the older two are at school. We work our business around them, which means early mornings, midday and late at night or whatever it takes to get the job done.

On Saturday while the world was shopping at every sale they could find we were taking a nature walk. 

Our tree climber

The two older kids took turns reading the signs as tour guides at the arboretum and described the types of trees and flowers they were looking at. We always find the bark on the trees to be so diverse and the leaves are such beautiful colors at this time of year.  We did not see a single duck which is very weird and no acorns. I guess the squirrels have hid them all for the winter.

There is nothing like nature to bring one back to what is really important in life. This scene is in our family pictures for the past several years and the colors are always changing. Soon this tree will show black bare branches and the scene will look completely different. Love that. It feeds my soul.

Well nothing except all natural pink lemonade bars from the farmers market. We bought the most delicious apples and some veges. Hard to think about food after thanksgiving.

Mike and I also squeezed in a trip to a great art show in Sacramento on Friday. We are hoping to show there next year. We chatted with some wonderful artisans. After a nice lunch we came home to the kids hopping up and down outside waiting to come spend the night. You would think we had not seen them in months.

We took them to church on Sunday and I admit we spent about an hour at Macy's with my mom to do a small bit of shopping. That was it for the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Thanks for stopping by. What did you do this past Thanksgiving weekend?  I love to hear from you. Do tell??

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