Autumn colors and a brand new line of jewelry at En La Lumie're

I finally had an evening free to list some new designs. Yipee! After a couple weeks without my computer which I do not recommend to anyone with a Internet business, I am back and have a whole bunch of new designs for my shop, shows and the upcoming holiday season.

The colors are rich with autumn although it is an imagined feeling for me. I live in California and to date I haven't seen any fall colors. My husband Michael and I love this time of year. It's his birthday month and as the weather begins to cool and the air feels crisp when you step outside.
We wait patiently to hear it is time to head to the Napa Valley to see the vineyards in color and have a nice lunch at our favorite place. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

The Cottage

 These images were shot in the Napa Valley here in CA. The cottage is part of a winery.
Tuscan Trees 

These pieces are part of a new collection I am collaborating on with my Michael.
He has recently opened WaterSouls Studios on Etsy and we will feature some of his images on ART wood tiles for my jewelry. We are in the process of developing new designs that will be added to both shops in the coming weeks.

My favorite shoes. 

My favorite shoes are part of a fashion series. They are available in his WaterSouls Studios shop printed on aluminum in various sizes ranging from small table top to large wall art.
A show stopper at our summer shows.

Tomorrow I am excited to have a day planned to design, and I will be adding more designs this weekend.