As featured in October Bead Trends

The cover of this issue features a gorgeous design by my friend Amanda Austin. I am so proud of her to be featured in this beautiful issue for October. What a thrill. 

I happened to be talking to her on the phone late one night when she discovered her piece won the cover.  I thought at first one of her kitties got into something. As she screamed in my ear I soon learned what all the excitement was about.  I would be doing the same thing. 

My "Liquid Amber" necklace.

Beautiful blue and yellows. This necklace features polymer clay flower bells, blue and saffron colored chain by Miss Fickle Media. A blue and yellow flower ephemera tile by More Skye Jewels, Vintaj brass, Czech glass,  a birch wood bead by Birch Beads, beautiful nuggets of amber and a pale yellow borosilicate glass bead by Seashore Glass.

As I join many of my friends in this issue be sure to pick up an issue you won't want to miss this one.

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  1. How exciting for your friend! I have subscribed to Bead Trends but haven't received an issue yet. Hopefully it will arrive soon!