Good things come in small packages. Oh my!!

Good things come in small packages. I had been awaiting my bead soup from my partner in Quebec, Claire Maunsell for several weeks. Claire had blogged about receiving my package and was clever enough to put a swirled altered teaser on her blog of the package she had sent me. I had anxiously checked the mailbox over around the block each day.

 When Lori took roll call and became aware I was still waiting she quickly found me another kind person, Cathie Carrol to fill in, in case the first one was lost in our infamous postal system. Cathie responded so fast, and sent me a package priority mail. I looked at her beautiful site and exchanged information and wondered what would happen now. I might receive two packages and then what to do? 

Last night I checked the mail and found both packages. I ran home to open them and the fact is I am completely blown away by the contents inside.  I will save the actual descriptions for another blog post.

Today, I will begin with Claire. She made most everything in these packages and her craftsmanship and talent is beyond words.
Little handmade and carefully tied packages.

The inside,  just makes you want to keep going.  What could it be?

Handmade by Claire, amazing clasp and focal

Look how gorgeous these are. 

Parts and pieces most I have never seen before. 
I took my pictures before I got too carried away and I continued to open the package from Cathie.
She too presented her gift in a beautiful box with pretty paper, I think she made herself. Golden tulle with beads laying like treasures inside.

A little tin box with this delicious paper inside.

The focal is amazing. 

A handmade fiber band made by Cathie

An antique clasp and other gorgeous and very feminine ingredients.

Now the thing is, we have only two weeks before blog time. I kept saying over and over to myself how am I going to pull this off. These two soup mixes are so generous and so amazing. I need time to think. I need time to do this right.

I have a very busy two weeks before blog day and a craft show that I am preparing for after a very good summer of shows.

My friend Amanda is coming this weekend and holding her trunk show and  teaching at our favorite bead shop, Beads on Main, and we have important fun things to do.

I never miss deadlines but the pressure is on. I am very grateful and will do my best to show these ladies what I can do.

One last point. I have learned a valuable lesson. Think about every step in this process.
Presentation.  Quality and little surprises. Being helpful. Building the excitement.
Life can be full of surprises. Now back to work. 


  1. Oh you lucky girl..two wonderful packages...and two soups to put together..even though time is tight...
    I have long admired Claire's beautiful work..especially the pods. GORGEOUS colour palettes!

  2. Claire and I were partners last year and her beads were fantastic!! Have fun creating! I can't wait to see what you make :)

  3. Do your best, Miss Cherrie! Sometimes it is when I am confronted by the combination of deadline and desire not to disappoint that the best stuff happens. If it makes you feel any better I still haven't started on my soup and this weekend is our school communities largest fundraister (3 day carnival, etc) and next week I leave for the Inspired by Nature retreat. Yikes! You can do it! We can be rah-rah buddies cheering each other on.
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I am so jealous of the goodies Claire sent you... she is one of my biggest art bead crushes and I have yet to jump into her beads!

  4. What a beautiful collection of beads! Don't stress, I know you'll make something wonderful with each bead soup you received.

  5. WOW, Cherrie, this is all perfection!!!