What I have been up too.

I received a sweet note from a friend today reminding me it had been awhile since my last post. 

Well that is a shame, because I think of doing it all the time. I have been head down designing every spare minute. I've been fortunate and sold quite a bit of jewelry this summer at my art shows, Etsy and my local bead shop, Beads on Main.  I have another show coming up so I am driven to restock my inventory. The truth is I would rather be designing than any other part of this business but as most of you know there are many tasks to get our products to market. The creation part is only a small part of it. 

The football season has begun and we are either attending our grand children's games on the weekend or watching the baby each evening as they go to practice. The dedication takes a village or family in our case. What fun. Drew is in Tiny Mites at 6 years old. Taylor is a cheerleader at 8. 
Lucky to be a part of it.

This is a sneak peak of a new style of necklace pendant I am designing with Amanda's boro glass. I can't wait to see her and restock my little glass box. I never want to run out of her glass. Her work is inspiration in many of my designs. Seashore Glass. I have about 8 of these made up so far in necklaces. 

Altered metal blanks. A technique I learned from Amanda.

This week I have been working my hands and shoulders altering blanks. I use a 5 step process that takes me several days as I make a large batch. I love it because it reminds me of the years I painted impressionist style landscapes. My mind is free as I drop those little drops of ink to see what miracle will come of it. These components are now a part of my designing. I love the Vintaj brass blanks and the huge variety of products that I use from Vintaj to create my earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and key rings. 

I have more to talk about. But that will be a new post tomorrow. Just wanted to stop in and say I'm here.

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