Each day the beads talk to me:

The Beach Artisan Bracelet.

I love this is an artisan bracelet with art beads from some of my favorite designers including, Seashore Glass, Clayworks, Miss Fickle Media and Gaea. It is my favorite subject, the beach!!!

It was sold last night and I wanted to show it one more time for memories.

What makes a design come together in my little world? I have many types of storage for my vast collection of beads and components. I have one large tray of little containers of very special projects to create on my credenza. Many of my art beads are here.

This little collection was gathered from that tray. I choose colors and textures and interesting parts and pieces and the beads talk to me. I never know when I sit down to work exactly what will come of my chosen collection. I might pick up an bead and decide to wire wrap it. And another grouping might be better strung. I have some very cool little things to break up the colors and add interest and an element of surprise.

In this case,  this bracelet was listed like the 2nd picture. Perfection in my mind. Then I received a request to add a little bit to the length. This is usually done by adding a little extra chain or a jump ring and I just go ahead and do it and send it out to the happy recipient.
 I looked at this special bracelet and thought for a minute. What would work in this design? I chose a ceramic bead from my large stash of Gaea beads. I made an interesting wire wrap and tucked it in beside the designer clasp. Well if I do say so myself, this bracelet is even more beautiful.
I believe every day challenges can bring something truly amazing if we just open our minds. I wonder what I will design next?


  1. Your beads are communicating very will with you! This is a stunning piece, and the colors are amazing!

  2. Thanks Alice. I love the way that happens. I have been told I do a bead proud. I sure feel happy about that.

  3. a beautiful piece, the beach is a favorite of mine as well! love the bracelet!

  4. That piece is gorgeous. And I really like the wrapped bead as an added component. Seems to just finish it out. Lovely. Congrats on the sale.

  5. That's wonderful Cherrie - I love what you do with those beads! Your presentation and photography is always amazing as well.