April Bead Trends

I have once again been blown away by how beautiful my jewelry looks in Bead Trends. I love the photography and it especially exciting because I am among friends. Amanda from Seashore Glass, Marie from More Skye Jewels, Kristi from Kristys Kreations, Denise Yezbak Moore and Erin Strother to name a few. Bead Trends is a first class publication and I look forward to my issue each month.
Taxes are over with. Finally! I spent some time recovering from a month long illness that caught me by surprise and after beginning to feel better, I turned off the cooking channel and began contemplating new designs this week.
This has been a month of reflection and planning for me. As I moved forward with new ideas and began playing with the different artisan components (lots of them) and tons of new beads on my bead table I became very challenged to design something new and better than ever before. I have been doing this for publications for the past several months and now it's time to add to my shop.
I have a few new designs I am listing this week with some of this in mind. This week I went crazy for some beach designs as the weather in CA was in the low 80's. I have not made it to the beach but the mood struck.
I would love the continued feedback and support I have come to know from my friends in the business, and those not so much in the business. I love to hear from you too. Let me know what you think over the next couple weeks.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. I bought this magazine last week, because so many of my friends are in it. I saw your designs right away. They are beautiful!