Happy Tuesday. I am amazed that a month can go by so quickly. I spent most of it recouping from an unexpected virus that began with a migraine on March 2, followed by severe body aches and a three day hospital stay. The past two weeks have included lots of rest and healthy food prepared by my loving husband. That brings us to almost one month. Wow, you never know what will come at you and change all your plans.

Today is day two that I am up all day. It was a beautiful sunny day. I took a walk with my Mom, husband and baby granddaughter, Yeah! I photographed several new designs that had been sitting on my table and just listed them. It is just a sneak peek of some of my new ideas. A combo of glass, altered metal, ribbon and chain.

Prior to March as I prepared for spring I found so many new items to design with I am so excited to move back into my life of jewelry design. I have lots of new glass, mixed media, ceramic, trade beads, metals, chain, ribbon and the list goes on.

As I wait for my Bead Trends for April to arrive and see my work in print along with many of my best friends it is feeling like it will be a good month!

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  1. Cherrie, I'm so glad you are feeling better. I can't wait to see all of your new designs. :} Martha