Were does the time go??? I seem to have no more time than I did when I was working 45-55 hours a week at our family business all those. years. I use to have a large home decorated from top to bottom, many gifts purchased, planned parties, watched our grandchildren for a whole weekend every other week etc, etc,. This year, my first as a jewelry designer with a online store, face-book, and blog. I have not one present purchased and I have (5 grandchildren) the Christmas tree is half lit. The ornaments are coming out of the back of the garage tomorrow, if we can locate them after our move. I have accomplished submitting and winning design challenges, small shows, submitting to magazines and a book and getting some great people in my circle on Etsy. I think I need to really organize my business and next year I will be able to do it all. Maybe, anyway it's a goal. . For now I will enjoy the last couple weeks before Christmas and maybe hang some more pictures so it looks like us. For those who don't know I have been in a 2 year transition so that would be an accomplishment. If you haven't noticed I have gift certificates thanks to my friend Amanda and a promo going on now through Christmas. I also have a large amount of amazing glass, and pendants from my favorite artists and some exciting new ideas for the first of the year. Looking forward.


  1. Can't wait to see your fantastic creations!! Thanks for inspiring me and letting me inspire you. It's so nice to be your friend!

  2. Thanks I agree its a great relationship. Thanks