I am on a very rich cobalt blue kick. I also have designed a bunch of gorgeous new black and taupe or brown pieces. I have had a couple of busy weeks. I submitted 5 pieces to a book deal opportunity with Lorelei Eurto and Erin Seigal. The call is for Stringing Magazine and is to include over 50 pieces of jewelry with fiber in the design. They are looking for 1 or 2 guest designers and the competition is intense but it will be interesting to see who their choice will be. It was a fun exercise and it prompted me to design more pieces with fibers or ribbons and the result is, I will be listing many new pieces with those elements. I am loving my new designs as I am inspired to create and you will find most of my work to include, chain, metals, fiber, glass, stone, and artisan components.

I also received some wonderful news this week. I entered the Vintaj journey challenge for November and was a little disappointed not to win the popular vote, but in the end I won the Editors Choice. That was exciting as I value their vote. They see so many wonderful designers. I decided to enter the traditional Christmas challenge for December. It is a very pretty red and green necklace with Vintaj components. The voting opens Saturday so prepare to jump on and give me your vote again if you like my design. I really appreciate the votes. It will help me as I continue to grow my business.

Today was another exciting day as I received an email that Bead Trends accepted two more pieces for the May Issue. That means I will have work published in March, April and May. This is a big deal. Not only is Bead Trends a gorgeous table top Magazine, the photography is Spectacular and the caliber of artists chosen for the magazine are amazing. I am thrilled to be included in this group of accomplished artists, some of them have become my dear friends this year.

As we near the Christmas season and time is running out on this year I look forward to the challenges and accomplishment for my business in the coming year. If you haven't had a chance to look in my shop please do as I would love to help you find a perfect gift for yourself or your special someone. Have a blessed week.


  1. I.LOVE.EVERYTHING.ABOUT.THIS.POST!!! You did an AMAZING JOB with that heart!!!

  2. Thanks Amanda, It appears to be a popular design. I need to try to do one or two more. It helps to have a great start form you.