Oh my what a whirlwind week I had. Our 3 grandchildren stayed with us for a few days while their Mom and Dad went to Disneyland. I know WHAT! Well it was Bree's 30th and they have taken the kids several times. Besides how else do you get to go to the the cool clubs, the rides the kids are too short for, and shopping for the kids Christmas for items you can only find at Disneyland.

Anyway we had fun. School, homework, baking pie, computer games, the park, a bead show with the baby, and much more. It was a blast actually. I even got through the night bottle with Alexa. She is so perfect she cries a teeny bit. You feed her. I love the sound babies make. She goes back to sleep and so does grandma. Not so hard.

I created a couple of my best pieces to date. I think that every few weeks. I guess when you are passionate about what you do you will just keep surprising yourself. I entered the Vintaj Challenge. The first couple days I was screaming ahead of the other entries. Today I lost the lead and got a little bummed but several of my loyal friends all told me I had their vote and after all its just to get your work seen. I would love to win and get some free product as I go through a ton of Vintaj. I almost never use anything else anymore. But hey we'll see.

My newest problem since I discovered trying the publishing game is I can't always show you my latest greatest creation. I am working on several projects to try to get published and I have two more local shows of sorts here in the next couple weeks so I won't be posting everything. I have some amazing new beads from my friend Amanda over at Seashore glass and I am waiting on another order from my friend Marie. I got some new ribbon, and a few new items at the show so I am good to go. Now all I need is about 15 more hours in my day. Well bye for now.

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  1. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! I think your Vintaj entry is awesome!