I just had to post this. It is really pretty. Reminds me of several of my nieces who are all in their 20's. I wonder if they'll notice it. So I am in a state of what is next. Oh mind you I have a long list. I have my shop here in town that lets us put our finished pieces in during the holidays and we are having an open house there in December, and I have a little show at Kappel and Kappel the major real estate company in town in December. I have more to post and a few publishing submissions I am working on. A few gifts, and a few other pieces I know I am low in. Then I have all my favorite supplies I work with from Amanda, to Marie, to Martha, to Melissa. So there is plenty to do. I am still waiting for the holiday rush. It hasn't started yet, but boy am I ready. So I just keep going and see were it all ends up. Just a little side note.

Taylor wanted to be in the church children's choir for the Christmas performance. Well the first rehearsal was tonight. It is supposed to be 6-12 years old. Well Drew wanted to do it too, he's 5 and the littlest one. They were both so darling, took it very seriously and we can't wait to see how it all ends up. Too cute. That 's it for now. back to social marketing.

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