Wow, What a week! I have been busy creating some new work. I seem to just surprise myself with new designs. I love this business so much and each day is full of new things. I got accepted to April 2011 Bead Trends along with several of my friends, Amanda and Marie and I got that ready to send out. It is very time consuming going back and documenting how you did it and all of the supplies. So much just happens when you open a contain of beads or parts and pieces. Your desk and the floor around you are a complete disaster and voila!! A master piece. I have several pieces to send off to another project and I need to do that. Just do it! I am wondering what the Christmas season is going to be like? When will it start? My first on Etsy. How do you know what to do?/ Well I guess just keep doing what you do best. CREATE AND THROW A BUNCH OF STUFF UP AGAINST THE WALL AND NEXT YEAR IT MIGHT BE EASIER. Well have a great week.

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