The weekend is over and I am having breakfast at Panera with my honey. Our power is off for the day. Can you imagine, life without power? Something about repairs in the whole neighborhood.
So the news on Saturday night at 10:00 pm was an email from Bead Trends Magazine. My Hope necklace was accepted for the March 2011 issue. I am so stoked, I knew when I created it, it was special. My inspiration came from all the talk on the news about the gulf oil spill and I had this set of green ocean inspired lamp work beads from Lyndas Bead Dreams. I had just checked out a very difficult necklace Jess had made on Vintaj and I was determined to design something very complex. The environment was on my mind and I used a hope ring from Vintaj and several hours later it was done. I wanted to submit it for publishing all summer and the fear of actually doing that helped me procrastinate.
Now I am joining my friends in the published club and I so much appreciate all of their help and encouragement in this.
Thanks Amanda and Marie! This feels good!!!
I did learn that you might forget, especially the difficult pieces all the ingredients and writing that all up was a challenge. I am ready to do it again. This is going to be good.

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