"Passion for what you create isn't a choice, it's a gift." I was trying to take the handmade pledge and it asked for a quote. I was thinking of something clever and this quote came to me. Sadly I had already taken the handmade pledge as it said that email address had already been used and I doubt that anyone else has my email address. lol. So that is my inspiration for this evening. If i sit still and think about it I realized that many years ago I was married to a man name Tim. Mike was married to a women named Sandi. Today would of been their birthday. They have both passed away and life goes on. Our new friend Amanda has a birthday today as well. Life is full of interesting coincidences. Happy birthday past and present.

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  1. Thanks Cherrie! I'm catching up on your beautiful blog and noticed this lovely post :)
    So if I understand this correctly, Tim, Sandi and I all share the same birthday? ? ? ? ...and the coincidences go on...and on...:) I love it!