It's Tuesday and for once I feel like I have accomplished a bunch this week. It started with Amanda's studio pictures on her blog. Well I have been setting up my studio for a month as I unpack my boxes from our move and I looked at my desk and thought ok, I need to get it together. I got on a Etsy convo with Marie yesterday and before I knew it she had shown me a bunch more charms and pendants and I put another order together, A BIG order. Then I shot a bunch of my new work and edited and listed a few new pieces. I got partly caught up on my organization and after I put all of my charms from Marie in a new container I counted and I had 29 charms and pendants already. So with my order that's coming I guess I have a certain look. An ephemera look. It's all good I have sold quite a few pieces with her charms and combined with all the other stone and glass I have I have many surprises for my shop this fall. Bring it on!! I have been posting a new line of key-rings and book marks for pick up gifts. My hopes are that my regular customers will be in my shop to order from my regular line, and ad to their order with a few items for gifts. That's my plan.

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  1. Wonderful! I am glad you feel like you accomplished something. I have not been too well lately, so my stuff is starting to get backed up. I have a show tomorrow, so after that is done, everything else needs to be put on Fast Forward! Can't wait to see what else you create!