A Day at the Beach

With shows many weekends and summer nearing an end, at least with school starting in a couple weeks we decided to have a day at the beach with four of our grandchildren. 

Natalie loved the beach as much as we do. Yeah, all our grandchildren love the beach!!
With every wave she kept say here it comes......

Great Grama, Grandpa and 4 kiddos

This made me nervous but they think it is great fun. Goofy kids. 

One silly boy and a tired little girl. 
We brought back enough sand to make our own beach, everyone had fun and another family memory made summer of 2014.  Our other grandchildren live on the Oregon coast. We have not been able to get up there for a long time but think of them everyday and hold them in our hearts.

We are preparing for our next show this weekend. Come out and see us at Oakland Art and Soul Festival in Oakland CA. There is a big barbecue cook off scheduled for Saturday and lots of live music on the schedule. Mike and I will be in the handmade art section. Check out the details on our calendar at http://www.designsinthelight.co/event/oakland-art-soul-

Next up Bodega Bay Seafood and Music Festival August 23-24 Looking forward to another weekend near the beach with great food, music and art.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave us a comment on what your summer is looking like.

Michael and Cherrie
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