News from my corner of the jewelry biz.

Lots of changes happening in my world of Jewelry Design...... 

I have spent the past 4 years developing my style and have been know as an art bead jewelry artist. I love all the art bead artists I have come to know and become friends with. I was anxious to submit my art bead jewelry designs to magazines and have enjoyed success in that area always happy to share the artists that gave me inspiration. 

A little over a year and a half ago, I took and on line metal hand forging class. I asked Mike to watch along with me so I would have his support if I forgot something or just needed a bit of help. Before I knew it we were ordering a few new tools including Fretz hammers and a kiln. He is the type of guy you go to when you want to figure something out, nick name McGiver. He is also a self taught artist in everything he attempts including painting and photography. He has developed a line of jewelry that is evolving and has been well accepted at our shows these past two summers. It has an upscale artisan boho chic look to it.  I have ventured off my path a bit and developed a collection of beaded jewelry that can be worn as wrap necklace/bracelets. The idea is a way to co mingle our lines with his hand forged or precious metal clay jewelry or my art bead jewelry. 

After our summer and fall shows and the great feedback along with our experience with retail in a wonderful ladies boutique here in our home town of Vacaville called "In the Mix".  

We are ready to take the next step. 

We have a new website we have begun building a few months ago, as as anyone who knows it is not easy to get off the ground the way you in vision it. We have begun looking for a name we can both use to bring the company together. As soon as that is complete we will go through the process of changing everything and be ready to launch it in the next few months. You can find some of our designs at Designs in the Light

As we approach the holiday season I have begun listing a few of these designs in separate pieces with links to the coordinating pieces.   I am going to offer a few as sets with quite a large price break for the lady who loves a special pricing and also wants to purchase everything to get started with a stacked boho look. 

I also offer custom designs and this is an example of one I just completed for one of my favorite customers for her high school reunion. I also designed a formal necklace for her occasion with pearls and an amazing art bead focal. 

She left this in my Etsy feedback which I love to hear. " This was a custom order that Cherrie designed for me. I requested color and this is exactly what I was imagining! I love the set, I can use the necklaces in so many ways, have worn the long one as a wrap bracelet wrapped around my wrist 4 times. The combination of the necklaces can be used in many layering ways, with a nice top or sweater. The matching earrings complete the look. Love the design, colors and style!
Thank you, Cherrie!

Here is a peek at what Mike has been up to and our marketing for the summer shows. 

We are busy each and every day and working to provide the very best quality, and style to our customers and enjoy your feedback. You can find our designs at our website Designs in the Light
my Etsy shop En La Lumie're and at 11 Town Square in Vacaville at In the Mix. Watch my facebook page for new listings at Designs in the Light

Please leave me a comment below and watch for more news very soon as we take this journey. 

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