July Bead Trends

July Bead Trends the digital copy. 

This is the final issue of Bead Trends July 2013........
  I write this last post about my experience with Bead Trends and the two and a half years I was blessed to see my designs each month in these pages. I wanted to show you my necklace for July and then I  thought I would include the pieces that were accepted for the coming months as well.

"The River" was inspired by the beautiful lamp work glass leaf focal by my friend 
Raida Disbrow of Havana Beads
I added a beautiful Borosilicate glass bead by my friend Amanda of Sea Shore Glass, Patina link by my friend Shannon of Miss Fickle Media
some amazing hand dyed ribbon by Silk Life Studio to give this a flowing feeling. 
3 cultured sea glass buttons by Znet Shows,  I have just posted two recent projects with Znet, if you missed i, please read in my June and July posts and see what other pieces I designed this summer. 

 This necklace and earrings were submitted to August issue and at the time I was unaware there would not be and August issue. It featured my watercolor embossed and patina metals.
 A wire wrapped bead left in my stash by my Bead Soup Partner, Tania Spivey, a cultured sea glass bead by Znet Shows,  and a glass lampwork head pin by Havana Beads.

This set was accepted for September 

 I love this set as it is a bit different for me. 
I have been really loved working with art beads, mixed metals, fibers and glass this past couple months. 

I turned a stained glass art wood bead horizontally by my friend Janice of J Lynn Jewels
I used patina chain and  rectangle by Shannon of Miss Fickle Media
The polymer leaf in the focal is by my friend Heather of Humblebeads
 Irish waxed linen hand tied, Czech glass flower and petal beads, hand washed silk ribbon and 
Vintaj brass chain complete the design. 
I designed the coordinating earrings with ceramic links by my friend Karen of Starry Road Studios, a couple of the patina links and Czech glass from the necklace and made hand made ear wires. 

This Napa Valley bracelet was accepted for October. 

It features a beautiful boro glass bead by Sea Shore Glass, A ceramic bead by Gaea, Unicorn drops, Czech Glass, and Vintaj Brass wine leaf charm, hook and chain. The colors are black, brown and umber. I normally love the vivid oranges for autumn and so this was also a different submission for me.

So many of my friends are in this last July issue. I don't want to miss anyone and if you are lucky enough to see a digital copy I hope you can enjoy everyone. This magazine has opened so many doors for all of us and brought some amazing friends into my circle of jewelry artists. Some of us were featured often and some of my newer friends were brand new to the experience. 
Once again I want to thank 
Tatia Meyer our publisher and her staff along with the owners at Northridge Publishing. 

As always I love your comments. Most of these designs are available to purchase. I have not listed everything in my shop yet. If you see something and would like more info please leave me a message. 

Also our new Designs in the Light website with designs by Michael my husband and myself is up and in the stages of design. Items in this website are available now. 
Please check it out. Let us know what you think. Designs in the Light


  1. Bead Trends was indeed a friend to the up and coming jewelry designer. I got my start there in 2007 and loved every time I saw my pieces envisioned by their qualified staff of experts. You have such a definitive style, Miss Cherrie, and I love that you not only use art beads but have become friends with each and every artist. That is what makes your pieces so special! Thank you for sharing this tribute to a great publication. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Thanks Miss Erin, I always appreciate your kind words. It was a thrill and we will all miss it. Always "Follow the Light" Cherrie

  3. All so beautiful Cherrie - love the metal pieces - and of course how you brought the Stained Glass Window Matchstick ART Tile into a new perspective. Loved Bead Trends too and will miss their presence on the market <3

  4. Thanks Janice, I love that necklace. I will be listing it soon. It was fun to think outside the box on that necklace. I always hoped to get another cover with Bead Trends, maybe that was the one. We will never know. Thanks for the inspiration. I love working on new and interesting ideas.