Happy July 4th Independence day!!

I am a fourth of July baby and this week I am offering a sale to my friends.

For the past couple months I have been writing a little post in my head about the age I am turning and I had not decided if I should put it in written words. We all have certain birthdays that mean something special to us. I know 21, 30, 40 and 50 were big deals for me. In fact 30 was a huge milestone for me. My family still remembers how I reacted to that one and it brings a chuckle. This year is a bit hard to swallow as I am turning 62. I began my adult life and family very young and have always been a young at heart gal. I always have younger friends.  Although I need to be this age to be the grandmother to my 7 grandchildren and my grown sons and daughter in laws. The years seem to fly together and so what I am saying is, 62, how did this actually happen?

I am the age of a grandma, a working mother, a wife of 39 years to my partner Michael. We have shared many chapters and some years have been full of excitement, new journeys, new homes, new towns, new friends, and so much more. We have had a couple bumps in the road when we lived through a huge CA earthquake in Santa Cruz and when the current economy changed our retirement  plans.

We would love to travel between CA and OR where our grandchildren live. We dream of spending days walking on the beach and time to actually relax. Always in search of more time. We have dreamed of traveling to Europe for many years. We also think it would be cool to travel across the country and meet so many of our beady friends we have made.

In this chapter of our lives we are working jewelry artists.  I am a published Jewelry Designer. I never would of dreamed of that happening to me. I have to be honest, I never dreamed how many hours I would spend on the computer and the social media that is required for this type of business. A couple years ago, I was new to blogging and here I am sharing with you a little bit about me.

We also spend part of every day with 4 of our beautiful grandchildren. I feel very blessed each day to be alive and I am grateful for my family, friends and my life.

So this is just a little peek into my life, thanks for stopping by and thanks for being my friend.

My whole shop is on sale including a special closeout section. If you go to my shop through my blog or face book the sale is 20%. use code: HAPPY4TH
It's my way of giving back to all the wonderful customers I enjoy designing for.

Be sure to stop by on Saturday July 6th for the Partner Pick Summer Challenge with the Znet Design team. I have been working hard on a little collection and I'll give you a hint, it is beach themed. My favorite!! I hope to see you. As always please leave me a note I love to hear from you.

Happy 4th be safe. We will be eating pizza and watermelon at the park and watching fireworks with our grandkids.

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