Where does the time go? My thoughts late last night...

Last night I was thinking about the events of the week and saying prayers for the families in Oklahoma.
I found it hard to go to sleep and decided to catch up on my blog and realized a whole month has gone by so quickly. What am I saying this whole year is flying by. My goodness it is Memorial day weekend.  I never quite believe how fast each year seems to fly by like are all in a crazy race for time.

This spring Mike and I have been spending every possible working hour on our jewelry business from every angle this year. It seems there are so many more parts than just design. The list is long, and I makes jokes our lists have lists.  I dream of a day when we could get some help. For now we wear every hat, sometimes more than one at a time.

Our current task is preparing for our first big show this year....

We will be in Novato Art and Wine in Marin County for the first time June 8-9 along with our newest collections and we have quite a few new changes to our booth which evolves every year.

Mike is designing jewelry......

He will be introducing a brand new collection of hand forged bracelets and bronze clay PMC earrings that are stunning. He designs everything beginning with an original sketch, molds and sculpts  the metal clay into the design, fires it and adds his special touches to these amazing pieces. He is meticulous in the details and it shows in beautiful wearable art. Look for new pieces in his hand forged sterling and copper earrings collection which he introduced last show season.

My new collections include, beach, nature and boho chic .....

New designs include short casual necklaces,  longer necklaces, chunky bracelets, several different styles of earrings with lots of color choices. Most everything features art beads from talented American
artists who have become my friends.  Lots of coordinating pieces, all ready for the perfect outfit. You will see all sorts of mixed metals and fibers that bring my beads to life.  A collection of water color patina-ed metals I am very happy with and made into colorful casual necklaces and earrings.

Our new website....

Mike  has also been working on our new website we plan to launch in the next week or so. The idea is a website "Designs in the Light" with each of us featuring our collections as a husband and wife design team.  We will share our journey in at this stage of our lives as working artists. We have been lucky enough to work together on and off most of our married life. We have each brought our unique inspiration and gifts to several other businesses including, interior design, fashion photography, and our family construction company.

The website will feature Mikes jewelry collections and possibly some of his photography. I will eventually include my published designs and some more complex art beads pieces on this site. I am planning to maintain my Etsy site pretty much as it is, always listing new designs in each week.

Please keep an eye out for the launch of our new website at www.designsinthelight.co
and also the new address for this blog will be linked back from that site. Stop by my shop and see whats new and as always please leave me a comment. I love to hear from you. 


  1. what a wonderful journey you've entered together...how sweet to be able to have so much in common and both with such contrasting differences so u can offer the customers such a wide range of designs...I look forward to seeing the progression....thanks for sharing Miss Cherrie...xox

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy and it will be fun to see the fruits of your work when your website launches! Good luck at the upcoming show, I know you two will do great! So fun to share in a business together with your life long partner, spouse, and friend. Praying for God's blessings to shower over you this upcoming selling season!

  3. Thanks Ladies, Yes we are lucky to work together. We have 4 areas of our little home dedicated to this business and there is something in the works every hour of the day.