My Bead Trends, February 2013 Review

February 2013 Bead Trends. The romantic time of year for handcrafted jewelry an issue you don't want to miss

Just look at the necklace on the cover this month. Pearls, crystals and beautiful romantic fibers give this piece a vintage victorian feeling. Congratulations to Jennifer Krisch!!

A big shout out to my friend Kristi Harrison for the Designer Highlight this month P. 47- 57

Drawer of Memories p. 45-46 is beautifully designed. I loved Mystery Lock Bracelet and Missing Keys
beautiful textures and colors p. 53-54. You can find her at www.etsy.com/shop/kristibasket

A couple new designers to me and a couple I know.......

Wenche Brenback p. 28-29 This necklace is lovely and the photographer really gave this one a reason to check it out.
Cindy Covar p. 60-61 Interchangeable Bracelets. Very interesting idea.
Jewel School is a great idea section this month on designing with pearls. p.68 - 73.
Molly Alexander p. 90- 91. Pretty baby blue and yellow with different wire wrap techniques.
Penny Neville p. 96-97 Beautiful Menagerie Studios heart with textures and shades of green.
Kari Asbury p. 104. This necklace features a Tesori Trovati focal and it is lovely and very romantic.

Lacy Plum February 2013

My necklace design this month Lacy Plum on p. 98-99 features a beautiful lavender ceramic heart by Gaea. I added copper chain,  Czech glass beads,  faceted Amethyst in two colors, another Gaea ceramic bead that I heat patina ed the wire and made into a copper link,  a fresh water pearl,
 and Miss Fickle Media clasp at the focal point with a glass bead and little heart pearl.  

Please check out a couple of my friends designs this month,
Kristy Abner p. 58-59 and 66 and
Kristin Oppold p. 20-21

 Thank you for stopping by. It is always so much fun sharing my view of the current Bead Trends. I do this every month and love your comments. 

Please stop by my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/enlalumiere for more artisan jewelry designs with art beads. Also my husbands shop at www.etsy.com/shop/watersoulsstudios for amazing hand forged jewelry designs.


  1. Ahhhh! Thank you! What a wonderful review of the magazine for February!! Your piece is just beautiful (ok, every piece in your store is! :)

  2. Thanks Kristi, I always love hearing things like that. Enjoy your Month, Mrs. February!!

  3. I will have to bee on the lookout for this issue! I found the January issue on Saturday and had fun leafing through it to find all my 'friends' inside. That is the best part about sitting down with a magazine, seeing all the people that I admire and have come to know inside. Congrats on being part of it! Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. Thanks Miss Erin, If you missed the issues when I designed with your beads I have extra's. Let me know. Or I can look and see if you missed them. They are special when I design with my friends.