Look who's one today!!!

My granddaughter Annelise is 1 today!! 2 days before Christmas. 

This is a picture of her with her brother Sean soon after she was born.

 I love this one of her. It is so much like my boys when they 
were babies. 

Big brother Ray. Seems like not that long ago and he was born our first grandson. 

This is her great grandma Baldwin, my mom.

 This was the first and only time we got to spend with her and her brothers Ray and Sean back in February. She was 6 weeks old then.

I'm listening to Christmas music and they just played a song for you Annie. "You might be somebodies Christmas Angel." Happy birthday sweet girl. Grandma and Grandpa wish we we could watch you grow. We have missed so much so far but you are in our thoughts and prayers as you bless your home with sweetness. Hugs and kisses from your family in CA.


  1. What a precious little girl and handsome boys. I know what you mean about missing them. I have only seen my 5 year old grandson a handful of times and his baby brother once also. We are 10 hours from them and we can't travel as much as we'd like. At this time of year I miss my faraway family even more.

    1. I understand. We always used to try to see them at least two or three times a year. This year it has become more difficult. If only we could beam them near us. That would be wonderful. We feel like we are missing everything and so are they.

  2. She is gorgeous Cherrie. Happy Birthday Annelise!