Bead Trends, January 2013

It is Christmas Evening December 25th 2012.... 

 Tonight as I look forward to another new year I find it so hard to believe 2013 is just around the corner. How does that happen? Life is going way too fast.

Bead Trends has been such a thrill to have my work published in and a joy to work with Tatia and her great staff. I wish them a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to come.

Congratulations to Kristy for ringing in the new year. This month the cover is graced by my friend Kristy Abner. This is a pretty and fresh mint colored necklace.  I also love the Bee Keeper on p. 110-111. I always love Nan's focal ceramics.
Bead Trends January 2013

This months Designer Highlight is Cindy Cima Edwards. Page 47-57. Cindy describes her style as evolving. I identify with that. I love her use of sparkle from vintage finds, fiber, and art beads. I had a hard time choosing a favorite but I loved the "Shining Star" series featuring our friend Martha's of Menagerie Studios focal on the necklace.

My necklace "Paradise"  on page 22-23. We design our pieces 6 months in advance for publication and this necklace was created in summer, but my thought was some lucky people travel to tropical places in the winter. This is the perfect answer to that.

I created this necklace with a beautiful focal and tube bead from Heather of Humblebeads. I love to combine art beads so I used a favorite round patina-ed link and chain from Shannon of Miss Fickle Media. A lamp work glass bead from Radiant Mind. I also added a lamp work drop in the focal by Raida of Havana Beads. Roman glass and coke glass have a washed on the shore look. The waxed linen is something I am experimenting with in bits and pieces. The up-cycled sari silk ribbon is an imperfect fiber that again has a washed on the shore look.

Paradise Bead Trends January 2013

This necklace is available in my shop. www.enlalumiere.etsy.com

Several other favorites this month include..........

Wenche Brennbakk "Heart Focal" p. 26-27 Love that color combo. Always elegant!!
Erin Strother's "Night Sky" p. 76-77 interesting twists and turns with the wire wrapping and sari silk.
Kristen Oppold "Pearl Diver" p, 80-81 This is a pearl version of some of Kristen's yummy chunky necklaces. Love them.
Karen Vincent "Blossoms and Garnets" p. 96-97. Simple balanced elegance.
Cathy Obbema's "Fairy Wings" p. 108-109 Very unique. Polymer clay fairy wings.
Kristi Harrison's "Nightfall Sunflowers" p. 112-113 Pretty and nice contrast of Arte metal, rhinestone and glass.

As we close out 2012 and begin 2013 be sure and pick up your issue of Bead Trends. This magazine is perfect for sitting on your coffee table and offering so many different kinds of inspiration from some of the best designers in the industry. I have been fortunate to be featured each month this year and I love Bead Trends.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please leave me a message as I always love to hear from you. See you next year. Cherrie


  1. Merry Christmas Cherrie!!! I always love your designs. It is so fun to read your blog and learn about your favorites in each issue. Bead Trends would not exist without the amazing talent of designers like you. I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with so many talented women! Have a wonderful New Year!!!

  2. Hi Tatia, What a lovely surprise to hear from you. You have been so wonderful to work with and the little note we get each month with a yes we would love to include your design is like Christmas each time. Hope your holiday was lovely. Looking forward to the new year.

  3. Beautiful work - so glad I found your blog. Will have to read more in the coming weeks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Thanks Eileen, I appreciate the comment. I will like your site too. Happy New Year to you too!!

  5. Congratulations! Beautiful project!