Happy 7th Birthday Drew!!!!

Today is my grandson Drew's 7th birthday.

 He is finishing the last day of 1st grade as I write this. Drew is one of the most amazing and special boys in my life.  I have tow sons and 3 grandsons. We are truly blessed. 
He is sweet and thoughtful and loves to share everything with us. 
He takes after his Mom and Dad and is smart a whip always surprising us with big words. 
He reads many grades above his grade level and seems to know about almost everything, 
well almost everything. He loves rock and roll like his recording artist daddy and is amazing on video games and on the computer. He mostly likes to hang out at his house or at our house. 

The littlest Mighty Mite on the Bulldogs Team

Family is very important to Drew. 
We often take him and his sisters to the park after church on Sunday. This past week he made sure he was delivered home in time to go with us after a sleep over at his little buddies.  Every Thursday and Saturday night they spend the night. Drew is very careful to save those days for the sleepover. It's cute because they live across the street.

This summer Drew will welcome another sister to the family. Natalie will arrive in August. Drew prayed for a brother, but when he received the news he said I will love
her just as much, it's ok she is a girl!!

He and Grandpa work on his lego sets. He learned all about legos from his cousins 6 year old Sean and 13 year old Ray in Oregon. Sean is a lucky boy with many set of legos from all his birthday and Christmas gifts and handed down from his brother. Sean even wants to work at Lego when he grows up. So Drew and Grandpa get out the instructions and spend hours working on his legos. 

Happy birthday Drew. 
We love you to the moon and back a million times!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Drew! What a wonderful post. I can't wait to have some grandkids. My boys are in no hurry to even get married so I'll have to wait. Enjoy your day!