New designs this week.

A couple things I have been up to this week.

I reworked this necklace set. I didn't like the way the heart focal by Menagerie Studiohttp://www.etsy.com/shop/MenagerieStudio was wire wrapped on this brown necklace so I removed it and added a softer element. The cording adds another color and I tied it in with the little rings that I feature on the necklace. Then I designed these cute earrings and added the rings. Now I have a set. I decided to try something new and list them as a set. The focal has a cream pattern in the reverse so you really can wear this necklace by itself in two ways or with the beaded necklace as a set or the beaded necklace alone. The earrings go well with any of the looks.

This set really goes very well together. The photography was tricky with the beautiful focal on the necklace. It has faceted ruby jade in a really pretty raspberry beads and lamp work bead finds from a recent bead show. 

 I love this set. I had seen the focal from Beads of Clay artist Slinginmud http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadsofClay on facebook and the same day she left me message that she loved my designs. I looked it up again and purchased this pretty porcelain flower focal. I made a necklace and coordinating earrings that turned out really pretty. Very spring and summer.

This one is from a series I design with focal beads in a beach theme from Nan Emmett http://www.etsy.com/shop/SpiritedEarth. I love the organic feeling with the beach stones. The coordinating earrings are fun. You will find many designs in my shop this summer with a beach theme. I lived at the beach in Oregon and CA for 8 years when our sons were growing up. Our dream is to live there again some day. Our son and his wife and three of our grandchildren live in Bandon by the Sea in Oregon. They live the dream for us.

I also worked on some new earring sized altered metals. I made up a tray with similar colors to these, (my favorite summer color) and played with inks and patinas with brass and copper. I really love the results. I will be designing a series of earrings and maybe a few bracelets with my metals in the near future.

All of these designs and a few new anklets have been listed to my shop in the past couple days. 

Last but not least I spent many hours of my Memorial day weekend working on wire wrapping components and art bead focals as a continued study of my "The Art of Closure Class" with Deryn Mentock. Here is a little sneak peek. This is just a sampling of some of the new components you will be seeing in my designs. I will be using, copper as seen here, bronze and sterling. I will be adding art beads as well as other beads for many different looks. 
Thanks for stopping by, it is always to nice to see who visits my little blog. 


  1. Can't wait to see how you incorporate the various clasps. I too have been taking Deryn's course so it will interesting to see how other people put their new skills to use.

    1. Hi Louise, Thanks for stopping by. I am not sure yet. I think some will be incorporated in a focal some how. I am learning the techniques so I am not making any thing for a specific design. I will add these to my studio stash and hope to use some of them soon. I have a million ideas spinning. It sure makes some of my designs from last year look like they are in the sale rack or take apart rack. That takes time too so we will see. It is fun learning new skills.
      Good luck to you too.