Something new in our studio!!! Come take a peek.

This past week we began working on a set of new skills and we are excited about it. I signed up for a new e-course by Deryn Mentock called "The Art of Closure".  We got busy on the supply list and ordered a few new tools and some wire in different sizes. Found a great little workbench at a great price and decided it fit perfectly in our dining room. This makes 3 rooms dedicated to our business. We went to work and here we are a little over a week into it working on new components for my jewelry.

Mike has been my life partner in any venture I attempt and I in his. We have been working together most of our 38 years in one form or another. The past couple years we were forced into the next chapter and decided to work from the right side of our brains as artists. Mike began with his roots in photography and has dabbled in sketching. I began beading and decided it was the path I wanted. Mike is an artist in everything he touches and I value his opinion so he has been my source of encouragement. Before I put each design in the to be photographed box I show him what I did that day and he gives me honest thoughts on my designs before I prepare them for sale. He attends most of the bead shows with me and even comes to bead night at our local bead shop. That's where a bunch of local bead peeps get together from time to time and create and eat. It's a fun time and basically we're in this together.

Our dear artist friend Margaret in Tennessee sent me the link for this course. We are always looking for ways to bring the best quality and art to our work. It caught both of our interests.
 Here are a few pieces we have made so far.

The picture above is Mikes work. This has inspired him to work on his own designs and has found several new artists beads to use in a new line for his WaterSouls Studios shop. 

These are some I worked on today. Some are patina and some are still raw copper. We haven't ordered sterling wire yet. That will come after we get a bit further. One step at a time!!

I just listed this necklace in my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/enlalumiere. It is the first piece I can show you using this techniques. It features an altered copper focal, a wire wrapped boro bead from www.etsy.com/shop/seashoreglass, ribbon and this spiral clasp. 
I also submitted another design for publishing using a clasp. If you follow my designs you know I am very much into working with very talented artists beads and my designs will be even better with these new components. We look forward to the next few months as we design for our shops and summer and fall art and craft shows. 

More to come stay tuned and have a great week!!


  1. You have both done some lovely clasps. Love the wrap around the sari...I am yet to try that one, although have watched the video. The new studio bench looks lovely...I bought a wooden one too...but am now finding it is not quit sturdy enough for all the hammering and bashing..yours looks more sturdy than mine!

    1. We got ours on sale at Harbor freight. They have one in the next town. It was on sale and then I had pulled a 20% daily coupon in case I saw anything else and they took it off this so it was originally 250 and I think it ended up at 125 or so. Very sturdy and looks nice. We got it for the garage but that is a bunch of work to get the space cleared. We set it up in our dining room and the light is great. It works for most things. Thanks for the comments.