Designing, the thing I love about this biz.

As life would have it I have been busier than ever this past couple weeks. I have had another commitment and design time has been hard to find. I am signed up for a e-course, "The Art of Closure" that began last week. I admit I was so busy I did not get to the instructions much before it began and this week I have ordered my tools and have nearly everything all set on my new workbench. I saw a post on FB regarding a workbench that was on sale at Harbor Freight and we took a trip over there on Saturday. It was not only on sale but I had pulled a printable coupon and it was even less with that. We are getting excited to begin and Mike and I have watched several of the videos and plan to begin in the next couple days.

Today I was able to create for a couple of hours and I worked with beads from Martha at Menagerie Studio,

I created two very different necklaces using Martha's charms. This one is a simple little necklace with gold and green Czech beads. I included a beaded chain. The little mixed media house is greens, creams and golds.

This one is romantic, shabby and chic and has french ribbon flowing in swirls throughout, Tourmelated Prenite and pale yellow Czech glass and Vintaj Chain. Martha created this gorgeous heart with greens, pale yellow and cream. This one is very pretty for spring.

Love this one!!  It features beads from Gaea,  a copper clasp I just received from Melinda Orrtec, copper chain, and Czech glass. Gaea, and ORRTEC and lamp work rings.

I was on a roll, and I completely switched gears, looked at my table with little pots of beads and art beads in a huge tray all waiting for me. I pulled out a focal from Tesori Trovati with peach in it and pulled out a glass bead from Amanda at Seashore Glass and some gorgeous peach adventurine. I have not decided how to pull this one together yet so it is laying on my table waiting for another moment in time. Maybe tomorrow, maybe later.


  1. Absolutely love your new designs especially the one in the middle picture. One of these days I'll be getting one of your pieces...really is too bad money doesn't grow on trees....lol

  2. Beautiful designs, Cherrie! I'll be posting these on my blog soon.

    1. Thanks Martha. I always appreciate your helping spread the word. Loving some of your new designs, the colors are really vibrant and pretty.

  3. Lovely! These are soft and like a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on! Enjoy the day.