A really nice day

Today is Sunday, I was very tired when I woke up. I prepared for church and could of talked myself out of going but was glad we went. We usually take our 3 grandchildren but they were all in different directions this morning. Today's message hit home and we headed home to spend the afternoon in our separate studios. A quiet afternoon in mind. We talked about how our lives had changed when the door opened for us to live across the street from our grand kids. They spend many hours a week here. Did I say a quiet afternoon in mind?

We barely closed the door and Drew our 6 year old grandson came in with his friend from the neighborhood. They were bored and thought our video game was the best place to play. We have a philosophy if they hang out here we at least know they are safe. I went upstairs to work. A few minutes later the girls showed up. Taylor is 9 and wanted to play downstairs. No problem. Alexa wanted to play with my beads. After a few minutes she was ready for her nap. A daily activity at my house in the room across the hall. I went back to work. Taylor ended up inviting her little friend in so after asking all 4 kids to play quietly while grandpa in his office connected to the living room read.

I reworked a couple design ideas I had considered for submission to publication.

 This is what I made. I created these earrings using Janice's wood tiles and the necklace. Also a altered metal necklace. I love this color combination. I show it with the Art wood tile earrings in similar color way.

Next,  I photographed these and other pieces that had been waiting for me to get too.

I love this one, it has a gorgeous reverse side and the colors in this Czech glass are beautiful light and the Miss Fickle Media chain I received today worked in perfectly along with Gaea's bead.

Tonight I sat on the sofa as most nights editing and listing some of these designs. Now here I am sharing with you. Hope you have a wonderful week. I will be adding more new designs soon so check back often.

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