A little something I whipped up on a rainy day.

This morning I decided to put on a pot of turkey chili and then create some thing with Gaea beads. You see I am addicted to Gaea beads and my Gaea bead tray is a brimming with ideas.

 Add a little Czech glass to a little Vintaj Brass  and filigree and you have the perfect earrings to go along with this bracelet. Well actually the bracelet came first. So.............

Begin with a gorgeous Gaea heart in pale aqua and butter yellow and add a few more Gaea beads and wire wrap them. Then add some more of my favorite Czech glass beads and more Vintaj brass and more wire and then the final touch, a piece of sari silk.

I think it is a perfect little set for spring. Today was a rainy day and I love to stay home a create on those kind of days but this is what my heart found in my bead stash. More on the table, I wonder what direction they will take me?? Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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