Happy Valentines Day and what it means to me.

It's time to celebrate. On February 14, 2010, just two years ago I listed my first item on Etsy. I remember that day. I had planned and written my descriptions out long hand. I had sold my jewelry to friends, several craft shows and a shop in Tennessee and I was prepared to open my shop on Etsy. It took me several hours for the first listing. "Emerald Nights" was the name of the necklace. It was pretty and as a matter of fact it is still hanging in my studio. I have evolved far from that style since then.

After working all my life in sales and marketing wow was I in for a surprise. I had no idea what was involved in online selling. NO idea about face book, blogging or photography for online products.

My first sale a few weeks later was to a lovely lady in Australia. Her name is Lynn and she was so charming and she ended up coming back over the next several months to purchase additional pieces.  We corresponded off and on and her wit and stories of her homeland would make my day each time.

Here we are 2 years later and I have been so blessed by new friends in the business of creating amazing beads and components for jewelry design. I have become a photographer, editor, blogger, and published jewelry designer. I did not not learn all of this on my own. My husband is a photographer. He helped me get started with my little photo studio. I have met amazing friends through this journey and with encouragement and help here I am.

Today is also is the birthday to 2 of my friends. I know what it is like to celebrate your birthday on a holiday of sorts. Happy birthday to Wendy whom I have lost tough with and Brenda on of the best massage therapists and gourmet cooks I know.

Help me celebrate by visiting my shop and enjoying 15% off everything for a limited time. I need to make room for upcoming spring designs and now is as good a time as any. Thanks to everyone who helped my two years become successful.

Ps. Happy Valentines day to my sweetie as we celebrate our 38th sweetheart day together.


  1. Congratulations Miss Cherrie! Isn't it a marvel how far we come in such a short time? It is a testament to you believing in yourself and sticking with it that you have lasted. Many more years of happiness to you!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Congratulations! It is amazing how much work goes into an online store. I think it's a good thing we don't know all that's involved or we might never start!

  3. Yay, Cherrie!! Congratulations, sweet lady! And here is to many more wonderful years of success and gorgeous designs!

  4. Thank you to all of your lovely comments. Yes it is a good thing we don't know all of it up front. I am so full of joy that a little thing like learning to wire wrap a cross and the journey it has taken me on did happen in my life. I had no idea what beautiful friends would come into my life and how much fun this chapter of my life would be. I had worked in many types of jobs and the last one all though part of a family business and important had a bitter ending and had I wallowed in that loss for too long would not have been good for my health or the happiness I know with my grandchildren. So because of this "I Believe".