Crazy Sale Weekend

 I took a bagful of orders to the post office today and that felt great!
More to be delivered in the next couple days. It seems the whole world is out shopping.
Black Friday, something Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and whatever else there is to this sale phenomenon these days. Mike and I decided we couldn't beat them so we joined them. Our shops have been on sale all weekend and we have extended the sale through the end of November so until Wednesday at midnight pacific time.

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Of course my shop handcrafted artisan jewelry and accessories at En La Lumie're on Etsy. 

I am happy to say I was loyal and did not venture out into the world. I stayed home and worked and I supported several of my favorite bead makers. I still have Christmas shopping to do for my grandchildren and hoping to find some bargains maybe this week yet. The days of shopping till I drop are gone and my values are a bit different. I read a funny fb posting by a friend that said when her husband asked her what she wanted she couldn't think of anything. I say ditto that, oh except maybe a couple tools on my list and always beads. I guess you could say I am very thankful for my life and what I am doing at this point and that is good enough.

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  1. Hi Cherrie! I enjoyed reading your post today. :)