Spinning in circles

What a confusing week. 

I couldn't decide weather to blog hop, which I did a bit, I'm still not finished. Clean up my shop, which I started today by necessity. List some pieces which I needed to do. Look at over 300 circles on my activity to see whats, new and find I was in a treasury. Check in on face book only to see once again, new stuff to learn. Photograph new pieces, now I need to edit. Design for spring publications, which I need to finish. Order some new focal beads and metals which I have a few in my shopping bag, but haven't checked out.
Sedona, my first published in Stringing Magazine. 

I listed this one. I love this style.

I would love to design more autumn jewelry. I need to design for a show in Tennessee in November.

What did I miss, because nothing on this list is completed. Oh yeah finish something!

Did I mention I love this job. It's a wonderful business but frankly after a busy summer of shows and selling quite a bit. Then preparing for Bead Soup, a new season beginning and spring designs to think of already.

 I got a bit confused looking at the diversity of styles and talent as everyone showed off their Bead Soup projects. It is very inspiring and yet you look at what you do and wonder if there is another direction to take.

My wonderful husband collaborated on a new idea for our business, helped me find a new lens for my camera so I can get better pictures of my designs.

He just cooked a gourmet meal with fish, rice and fresh steamed brussels sprouts with fresh lemon. Movie time with Michael. There is always tomorrow. Have a great weekend.


  1. Lovely pieces! The colors are so pretty, and I love the acorn focal. Congratulations on your necklace being published in Stringing! That's one thing I hope to do, but first I have to get rid of my fears and just submit something.....

  2. Great pieces Cherri! What show are you doing in Tennessee? Perhaps we will be at the same one!

  3. Gorgeous pieces, Cherrie! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  4. We're doing a benefit show for hospice in Chattanooga on the 11th. My sister in law is running it and it gave us an excuse to book a trip and see family and hopefully help a wonderful cause. You can see my donation necklace soon. Its for a silent auction to raise money. I will post it.

  5. Cherie, this was like reading my own mind as of late! Good to know I am not alone!