My studio was clean!

Nothing like inviting a few of your closest bead buddies over to inspire me to clean my work space. To be honest I had been in the process organizing my studio for weeks, on and off of course. It's the desk that I love. I will try really hard to be better. It really feels good. So heres a peek while it lasts. I would love to do a a little video but I am a bit camera shy. You can't see everything but you can get the idea of how I work.
 My bookcase, full of inspirations and lots of beads.

My credenza that works as an artist table with lots of little containers of bead combos and some pieces listed and a few submitted for publishing or waiting to be listed. This area gets full quite often. My shipping an office supplies are underneath.

 One of my necklace boards and my new mannequin and photo booth were I take my pictures.

 My desk, and work area. It usually has two or thee designs spilled all over it to the edge. This really feels good.

One of my little areas of inspiration. I also have three more trays of little pots of beads. I will never run out of goodies. That is the point right?

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  1. Love this!! I was glad to see a little Skye Jewels inspiration ;)

    Love the room and everything in it!!