Inspiration from the forest

Mike and I have just returned from a quick trip to Oregon. We visited our friends Amanda and Jeremy Austin in Florence. The trip was filled with bead shops, trading beads and stories of beads. Amanda has patiently been teaching me the skill of altered metal. I have faithfully ordered more inks to go along with the collection I already had. I think I need the newest version of cuttlebug, the one in the suitcase. It was so much easier to run the metal through without arm muscle. Maybe after I sell some of my new pieces. I am excited to add this style into my designs.

This sweet little pair of earrings was inspired by the hike we took.

 Me and Amanda. We are really many inches different in height.
Mike and Jeremy ready to go. 

The photographers, Amanda and Mike. 

The location was Sweet Creek, OR. and the view was magnificent. Green in every shade. A rushing river brimming to the banks. The moss on the sides of the trees along the river was like miniature little forests.

It is amazing to see Gods designs  up close and personal like that. I could go on all day about what we experienced and the serene feeling you get as you photograph. I used my Iphone until it died on me. Mike had his Nikon with his long lens and will be adding some amazing shots to add to his collection.

Jeremy lead the way. Amanda was so cute as she focused on each little fern and tree. She got some amazing shots too.

I will post more photos and stories from our trip in a few days. A really good memory for all of us.