Yummy bright colors of tangerine, custard yellow and peaches.

This week I decided to find some new colors as my shop felt a little to aqua. I love aqua and beach green and blue and I am all over the beach thing at this time of year, but it is time for some fresh color.

My friend Amanda of Seashore Glass makes the most amazing boro glass and it always finds a place in my designs. ( I have a large box of her glass I have purchased over the past year) This one has tangerine swirl, gorgeous light as air amber, ceramic beads from Gaea, a beautiful enameled concho shell by Gardanne Beads, and natural stone carnelian, fire agate and garnet. I love the way it turned out.

Next I have a new art bead collection started that I love from Erin at Tesori Trovati. This is a pendant from her new "Treasures Found Collection". I am working on several designs with her pieces at the same time. This piece has such a beautiful color palette I had to do something special. I included one of my altered metal rounds from my collection.  I also added another one of Amanda's beads of course and carnelian all wire wrapped,  hand washed silk and a combination of brass and copper.

Busy weekend coming up. Our 8 year old granddaughter is walking in the parade with her cheer leading team. A bridal shower for my niece and preparing more designs for publication.

After that I have some soft lavenders, pale yellows, fuchsia and pinks, lime greens and of course a bunch of beach designs coming soon. I need to alter another batch of blanks. Lots of exciting ideas.

Have a great weekend and, I am having a sale to clear out some of my early designs and also free shipping through June 1st. Wow I can't believe is going to be June 1st. Summer is almost here.

Remember to "follow the light". Cherrie

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