Monday, Memorial Day 2011

I don't usually have that much to write about, but this was a very nice day. I worked on shooting and editing all the new designs I created over the past few days, quite a few to my pleasure. Then I face booked and listed some of them.

I really enjoyed myself. I found this classic rock concert and I listened to it all weekend every chance I got. I still haven't figured out if it is real or a radio thing because some of the artists are dead and the other ones might not of spoken to each other for years. It's called "woodsquak" If any one knows if it is real I would love to know. Regardless I enjoyed it. My kind of music. It seemed to put me in a zone and the result was some great new designs for my shop or summer shows.

I have been frequenting many artisans on Etsy and have a nice stash. So the designs I created have many components and art beads from them.

Then  my sweet husband Mike decided to use the fresh basil from our sweet little outdoor space. We have several herbs we enjoy as well as two types of tomatoes growing out there. Well fresh pesto with walnuts and raw cashews. Delicious and whole grain pasta with basil, garlic and roasted tomatoes. A glass of wine some fresh baquette and we were doing it right. I'm a lucky girl.

Now I am back at my desk thinking, so do I list some more earrings or try to design something new for publication. It's all good.

Thanks to those service men and women who give us the freedom to have to live the lives that we have. We love and pray for them. Life is good. 

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