WOW!! My studio looks like a bomb went off. Oh my it's been awhile since I posted anything new. I am a busy beaver but I can't say why. I am working on a big very important project and it is taking much of my creative brain at the moment.

I started the year out with some pretty red jewelry for Valentine's and some new designs with beach rock that are pretty rockin. I tried to list some new work tonight, ya know the pieces that never make it to the listing stage. I looked at everything, a bracelet, and mostly earrings and the photography was not good enough or had never made it to that stage. So tomorrow I will shoot that and attempt to create a couple new pieces.

In the mean time for this month I am heads down attempting to create the best work ever. I always attempt that and some days are better than others. I promise to get better at this part and find some interesting news for you. Stay tuned!!

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