Reflections - How my eyes have opened in 2010:
February 14, 2010 I opened my Etsy shop. En La Lumie're

I had an idea when I began.
You think, you have a plan when you list the first item.
It takes more than a day to list that first item.

You'd better become a good photographer and quick.
Product photography is not the same as family photos.
Next you better learn how to edit your photography, another new skill.
Naming your piece can be harder than creating it.

Social networking is your lifeline. Your I-phone is your friend.
Two dings in a row on your on your phone might mean a sale and a deposit.
It could mean a comment on FB.
When he speaker goes out on your I phone the dings stop. Scary!!

You can make amazing friends in this business. Just reach out and touch.
Those new friends can live anywhere, even as far as Australia or Canada!
When you learn a new technique, the bummer is you can't get together with your new friends for play dates.

I had never read a blog. Now I'm blogging and following blogs.
Blogging is another learned skill.
There is never enough time for all of it.

Sales come in groups, and then the well seems dry for what feels like days.
Promos don't always bring sales. The holiday season does not guarantee sales.
I don't even like promo sales unless I am on the buying end of course.
Just when you think you are kidding yourself, a call or email comes through to encourage you.
You can put yourself out there and submit your work to magazines, and they might love your work.
Just because you get accepted by a magazine, the work really begins after they say yes.

Planning ahead is imperative.
Following that plan is a challenge.

Product R&D is one of the best perks.
You can travel anywhere, in person or on the Internet and find your sources. A nice perk!
You're work is never done, but it it so much more fun than a "regular job".

New friends and interesting things can happen to you, you never would of imagined before you began.
The creating part is still my favorite.
Combine that with chats, with new friends and I say this is the life.

Finally I'm closing out the year with 90 sales on Etsy in 10 1/2 months. Another 50 or so sales at shows and my studio. I am very leased with my progress. My life is rich with family, friends and a sweet business to dream about and work 7 days a week. I have big goals and hope you will be a tiny part of them.

Thank you for following me. See you in 2011.

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