It's a great morning. We arrived in CA on Saturday evening. SOOOO excited to meet our new grandbaby Alexa and see our Tay and Drew. It was a a wonderful homecoming. I was great to see Tim's new pro tools studio and the music he is working on. Bree has been at work but made us feel very comfortable with new linens and home cooked food. After two days to bond and recoup our long journey west from Tennessee we are on the road again. Headed out to Eugene Or to see our Ray and Sean and big Sean and Regine. It feels very comfortable to have Tay and Drew in the backseat with their laptops and pillows and hot chocolate. Just like the good old days as Drew puts it. On a business note I sold 5 items from my shop this week. A bit challenging on finding them and shipping. I am normally very good at customer service and this was a little confusing but it's all good. I also was featured in two treasuries yesterday. Can't wait to get back to my designing.

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  1. Glad you made it safely! Have a great trip and I hope to see some photos posted with your next post ;) Good luck!