Hey, Happy Wednesday everyone. The studio is all packed for the big move to CA next week. I packed all my beads, and photo studio so things will be a little crazy for a few weeks. I did pack a small bag with some possible creations, of course. i can't just stop living you know. The plan is to finish the packing, see some friends and spend one last weekend with Mike's folks and family. Say a hard goodbye to them. Head out after the movers collect our things and travel 2,487 miles to Vacaville CA were 3 of our grandchildren have been waiting for hugs and kisses for almost 7 long months. Well actually Taylor and Drew. Alexa was born in January so she doesn't know she is waiting. A happy reunion. The after we rest for a couple days off to Oregon with Taylor and Drew to see our other two grandsons Ray and Sean. That said, I will try to update you on our trip, the interesting parts only. My designs will be posted along the road and I will be back at it before we know it. Stay tuned. Cherrie

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