Our time!!

It is almost Christmas and our time of year........ 40 years ago today I said yes to a date with Michael. We went to dinner at the then famous Nut Tree Restaurant, a Beach Boys concert in San Francisco,  stopped by his company Christmas party, and talked into the night. One year later, my two little boys and I stood under a big oak tree on Christmas Eve and we got married on that foggy winter day. Fast forward........... All of our early non digital family pictures are buried in storage so I can't show you how we looked all those years ago. Some day I need to pull those out and enjoy the memories.

This is not the same Oak tree but has become one of our favorites in the past few years. 
Mike enjoys shooting the light and colors in the beautiful nature around this pond. Our grandchildren love this park and so do we. We have created many memories here.  

We have enjoyed many chapters in this past 40 years. That number sounds so big! A little surreal. We moved around quite a bit. Life has always been full of ups and downs but always interesting and centered around our family. We have watched the boys grow up and have their own families. We dearly love all of our grandchildren and feel so very blessed to be able to be in their lives. They all enjoy nature, the beach, art, and so much more of what is important to us. 

We have been unique in being able to work together many of these years. We have opened and closed several business ventures. These days we work side by side on our handcrafted jewelry design business. We love the creative side to our lives now. We wish we had more time to relax, although we have met some wonderful friends along the way and the ideas just never stop flowing so we stay very busy. 

What comes next is always a question. We wish we could see just a bit in the future. We hope to find a way to travel more, slow down a bit and enjoy new creative adventures in the coming years, God willing. We have our faith. We never let our dreams go. 
 I think it would be nice to have a picture of us together. 
Funny, we are always grabbing single shots as we work. 
Merry Christmas from our home to yours!  

Thank you for stopping by. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
Michael and Cherrie
"Follow the Light"


  1. Cherrie, Merry Christmas! I'm sure you were stunning then because you're gorgeous now! Happy 40th and many more! Diana

  2. Wow, Diana, Thank you for that sweet comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family also. Thanks for being my friend. We do need to get together in the new year. Maybe sometime we can meet up in Sac for lunch.