Novato Art and Wine Festival

Mark your calendar....... This weekend we will out at Novato Art and Wine Festival in Marin County north of San Francisco with "Designs in the Light" hand crafted jewelry. We have a bright logo sign in the front of our booth #450 near the West America Bank so you can't miss us. Saturday June 14th 10-7 and 15th 10-6.   Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. Enjoy your weekend. If you live in the area we hope to see you.

This is a just a sample of our new "Bohemian Chic Designs"  we will show in our summer collections.

I have been working on new styles of boho wrap bracelets, hand tied bohemian necklaces and bracelets in lots of color ways, perfect for the layered look. We love the beach so some new designs in beach jewelry. Sandal weather brings new summer anklets in lots of colors.

Mike has been busy creating with copper and bronze metal clay. This week he is designing original bright copper inspired by fashion from Barcelona Spain. The addition of textures and colorful beads are fun!! We will be expanding this part of our line over the summer. We do take special requests for custom pieces!!

He has a just a few of the new hand forged copper bangles left. They go fast!! Lots of new designs in earrings with bronze, copper, and filigree with wire wrapped gemstones.

In between designing, we are working on photographing, and listing on our website Designs in the Light and adding more interesting things to that site.

Besides our full time studio we are busy grandparents and school just got out for summer so we have regular visits from 4 grandchildren. With birthdays and such we have been busy. Life is never dull around here. Mike is a gourmet cook and just cooked the most delicious turkey burgers and I made the quinoa and edemame salad. Yum!!

I am having fun with some bright color combos and hope to get more done this week.

We are gearing up for a busy summer. Watch for new pictures and our stories as the summer progresses. Our show schedule is on our website http://www.designsinthelight.co/event/novato-art-and-wine-festival this is the link for this week. If you go to our website and click on calendar you can find a date near you and double click to get the festival information. I even learned more about the events we are in by looking at these links. You get so busy sometimes it just happens!

As always love having you stop by......
Would love comments and invite your friends to follow our blog and also our face book page at https://www.facebook.com/designsinthelight to get all the news and some new posts on the bohemian chic fashion and other lifestyle goodies. Lots going on so stay tuned.

Michael and Cherrie"Follow the Light" 

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