Our Alamo Show Mothers Day Weekend 2014

We are sporting our new look with Designs in the Light.........

This was a great location right under a tree for shade and our van backed right up to it. The wind blew things around a bit but we met some very nice people and shared stories. Our collections were well excepted and we enjoyed sending home coordinating pieces to lucky ladies.

This couple returned the second day with their gorgeous doggies, one of them is named Drew.

This week we begin production to fill in the gaps and prepare for the next show in 3 weeks. We also got a couple new ideas to work on. It is always fun to watch people and get inspired by the conversations.

We will be at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek on May 31 and June 1.
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  1. Beautiful booth and beautiful wares! Happy it was sunny and so good for you two! Enjoy the day. Erin