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So much is happening in our world ....... After months of planning.... finally over the past couple months and we have implemented what seems like hundreds of steps at changing our business name and re-branding, everything!!! 

Formerly my shop, En La Lumie're and Michaels shop WaterSouls Studios, now can be found at Designs in the Light on Etsy. Designs in the Light

Etsy.....Several weeks ago we pushed the button on the new name, and it was scary and exciting. We were ready!! We moved Mike's jewelry designs from his shop over. We removed many of my designs that will not represent our new look.

This shop will include our handcrafted artisan jewelry designs created by the two of us as a design team. We have been working in separate studio spaces in our home for the past two years, working together on art shows and building our wholesale accounts. It felt like it was time to design together. Now we are creating in a central area, and bouncing more ideas off of each other. Some pieces we actually work on together. The result ONE COLLECTION with our own unique skills and make it our product even better!! This is not the first time in our 39 year marriage. We have been fortunate to work together over the years on more than one job including Interior Design, our family construction companyin sales and management and Mike's photography business. This makes sense!!

A fresh new look for everything with a much easier name. The cool thing is we were able to keep the meaning, some of our existing links and our slogan, "Follow the Light".

Mike has created most of the branding look. We have new colors, to represent our name "Designs in the Light" Mango, Magenta, Purple, Yellow and Blue. All new banners, signs, packaging mailing labels, earrings cards, hang tags, gift boxes, and more.

We have been designing like this since last fall shows and sold many items in our line to our boutique accounts as a test market at In the Mix Boutique and Harney Lane Winery

The next huge step is photography on new designs. Anyone who photographs their product knows this is no small task. We are working on a branding mood for this and hope to list beginning this week.

We plan to introduce these new collections at our  Designs in the Light Etsy shop, and Designs in the Light Indie Made Website next. The month of April is planned as a heads down, music on, and intense creating our collections together. We each have a huge list of goals for this month. 

Coming very soon in May the art show season begins Mothers Day weekend and we will be out in the Bay area in person. We have posted a calender on our Designs in the Light website. If you live in the CA Bay area we would love to see you at our shows up close and personal. If you live near Vacaville, you can always find a large selection of our work at "In the Mix Boutique" in downtown square. If you live near Lodi you can find us at "Harney Lane Winery" and taste some awesome wine while you are at it.

Thank you for stopping by and look for many more posts coming soon. Would love to hear from you and please share with your friends.

Designs in the Light
Indiemade Website www.designsinthelight.co 

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