Bead Trends March 2013....A special issue for me.

Flash back March issue of Bead Trends 2011......

I'll never forget the feeling when I received the e-mail from Tatia, the amazing Editor of Bead Trends in September for the October call. I was accepted for one of my designs published in this prestigious  magazine. 

My friends Amanda Cargill Austin and Marie Noel Voyer-Cramp had encouraged me to submit to Bead Trends. It was a magazine I had admired when I first started beading and the thought was a bit intimidating but exciting all the same. My "Hope" necklace was an ocean inspired art bead necklace. 

When I look back at that, my style was already beginning to come together as I loved nature, especially the beach. I loved beautiful beads and Vintaj Brass. I still have this necklace in my studio as a reminder of where it all began. 

Just a few months later I was the featured Designer Highlight in July of 2011,  and my friend Amanda was the Designer Highlight for August. We got the notice on the same day and shared the journey during those months creating our designs and helping each other promote our news. July issue was especially exciting because it was my 60th birthday month. 

My cover in November 2011, with my necklace Fierenza. I have a picture at Barnes and Noble holding this one. I began the tradition of writing a blog post each month and sharing some of the designers in each monthly issue. I love to see what my friends and other artists I have not met yet create. I love to share this with you. So here goes. 

Fast forward to this month March 2012.......

Starting with the cover this month Wenche Brennbakk, one of my favorite designers has a beautiful green necklace. I love the shades of green and the layers in this piece. I think it would be stunning. 

My friend and super talented designer Erin Prais-Hintz shows us how to make memory wire turn into a piece of art. p. 40-41. I have never worked with memory wire before and this week, I just got a spinner and some peanut and seed beads and tried to make a few bracelets with some cute charms to go with some stack bracelets in my summer collections. These were inspired by ABSB. Well, I am here to say that stuff is tough!! The spinner, well there must be a trick to holding the wire just right. Check out Erin's design and see what other possibility's there can be. 

Kristy Abner p. 42-43 has a fun boho necklace "Fleur-De -Lis-Spice"in great colors of turquoise and coral. I love the focal on this one. 

Kari Asbury p. 80-81 "Peace Daisy" in yellow and aqua blue, fun and whimsical.  
Jean Wells p. 82-83 "Turquoise Owl". Lots of texture and interesting beads as it takes you on a journey around the necklace. 
The Designer Highlight this month is Sherri Welser. Her first piece on p. 46 looks like a delicious bowl of summer berries. I especially loved her "Victoriana" necklace, p 52-53. The treatment around the focal is very interesting and elegant. 
Jennifer Hildebrant p. 56-57 and Penny Neville p. 58-59 show the same focal from Classic Bead in two totally different interpretations. How fun is that? I love the pink patina chain and toggle from one of my favorite artists Shannon at Miss Fickle Media. 

My design this month, Pretty Posies on p. 104-105 

This necklace is designed with ceramic beads by some of my favorite art beads designers designers Gaea, Miss Fickle Media and Havana Beads. I love the photography this month. It shows all the beads and design so beautifully. You can see the similarities to my first Hope necklace. 

What a thrill to be in this magazine 24 consecutive months. My dad would be so proud. He was the type of guy that had us on a pedestal but rarely told us how proud he was. He always told everyone else of our accomplishments. I hope I can be an influence to my 7 grandchildren that if I can do it, anything is possible.

You can read about my past blog posts each month in my archives on this blog.

Be sure to pick up your copy on news stands now, there are many more inspiring designs.  Thank you Tatia Meyer and your amazing staff for making my designs look so good every month. 

As always thank you for stopping by and please leave me a comment and share this post. This is a special issue for me and I appreciate the opportunity to share. 

You can see more in my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/enlalumiere https://www.etsy.com/listing/125064880/pretty-posies-as-seen-in-bead-trends


  1. Wow. 24 consecutive months?! In 2009 I had a goal to be published once per month and Bead Trends was heavy in that rotation but 24 months? That is incredible! I am so very proud of you. You have a most recognizable style that is very beachy, nature and boho chic, I think. Thank you for the nice mention of my bracelet. I made that as part of my commitment to the Halcraft Beading Dream Team assignment for Michaels (but of course they didn't mention that is where I got all my supplies for some reason!). I don't work with that bead spinner much as it irks me (I find I am faster stringing it one by one!) but this design is even easier in that it is just wrapped with ribbon! I haven't had time to really look at all the eye candy (it really is the most gorgeously photographed magazine) but I was so excited to see so many people that I 'know' and call friends! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Thanks Erin, I always feel special when you see my work. You are a great inspiration. They say if you do something regularly for long enough it becomes a habit. I have enjoyed submitting to Bead Trends and I missed this coming May. I will try to keep offering new designs, there are so many talented artists submitting. It was nice to see you there.

  3. Congratulating Cherrie! That is so exciting and your designs are so inspiring! Xo

  4. Thank you Gaea, I love your beads, I think you have the most space in my studio. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  5. Hi Cherrie, my name is Sophie. I just came upon your blog and would like to express my admiration for your lovely designs. Congratulations on all your published pieces.
    If I may, I would like to share my joy of being published also in Bead Trends Magazine of March 2013. This was my first submission six months ago which is shown on page 106, following your beautiful necklace. What a trill to be honored among such a wonderful designers like you and other very talented ladies. I am looking forward to the future magazines to find more amazing creations.