This week is flying by too fast!!

My goodness where does the time go? 

It is already Wednesday night and so many things on my list. 

I just heard thunder. A rare thing in CA and if it is, its our first rain of the season.

We just completed a successful Art and Jazz Fest in Pleasant Hill. Two days  of visiting with new customers and some really fun people. We enjoyed the feedback and the comments were very encouraging. Mike's new line of hand forged artisan earrings were a hit. Most of the ladies that purchased wanted to wear them and show them off. He is back in the studio designing more for our next show. He also sold several of his larger photographs. He features photographic giclee's  printed on aluminum and the light and colors are amazing. Everyone stops by our booth for a closer look.

This is Mike, kicking back before the show on Sunday. You can see Chipolte in the background. That was a nice location and our quick lunch on Saturday.

This is me. Not the best picture but you know it feels a bit silly to pose for pictures as people are passing by.

We combine our booth with Mike's photography and my jewelry. His new earring line was on the front table with some of my Bead Trends Designs. I actually sold 4 published pieces this weekend. People seemed to be interested in the more expensive pieces which was nice. Several ladies got their birthday and even Christmas gifts from us.

 We handed out several hundred cards between us and look forward to many of those people looking us up this fall in our shops.

We are busy preparing for the next show which is next week on the 18th at my sisters place. She also has a food person and other artisan clothing designs. That is Mikes birthday so hopefully we will have a nice turn out from our home town.

The following weekend a trunk show at our favorite bead shop Beads on Main. 11-4 on the 27th.

November 10 at Trezhers in Sacramento for a larger trunk show with all the artisans who sell their work in their shop. I am sending a box of designs for their shop tomorrow. It will be nice to have some pieces in the Sacramento area.

Please see the schedule for more details and if you live in the Bay area, come on out and see us.

Thanks for stopping by. If you need more information please send me a convo.


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love the fact that you guys combine your talents! What a wonderful way to stay close <3
    So happy you did well!

  2. Marie, You amaze me. You are always there cheering us all on. God has to work some miracles in you. You have always been such a wonderful person to help others. I was thinking about you this morning and here you are. Hugs and prayers.