My new grand baby and my cyber life.

I think I'm back!! Life in general and cyber world has been a bit crazy this week. 

In this crazy week our 7th grand child was born and we have been blessed once more. I was attempting to post the cute family pictures when all my computer and my blog issues came up. Sorry this information has been delayed.

 So Tah Dah!!! Miss Natalie Kathleen Erickson was born.
She has a beautiful head of black silky hair and very olive pink complexion. She was a little over 7 lbs and although we have been there for almost all of them at birth she seems so tiny.

One thing Miss Natalie will not suffer is a long list of family to hold her. She likes to cuddle and so I think that is good. She also seems very mellow which may be a blessing with 3 siblings and their various moods.

Now for business.........

If you wish to read my blog, please save my new address. In the address bar of Internet the new blog address is www.designsinthelight.co 

Just one little letter short of the old address. What a pain to make sure I am always available to send you lots of information about my shop, my friends art, my life and my family. 

In attempting to organize my business and personal photos in a manner that would allow my computer to keep running I have somehow lost my picture files including hundreds of pictures of designs I created in the past month so that is next on my list. Re shoot, edit, and list some new designs. 

In this crazy week even our wine cooled went on the blink. I kept hearing a noise and we tracked it down to a circuit breaker and the wine cooler said 87 degrees. Not many bottles in there, but it kept the wine nicely chilled for that stressful day or two one has occasionally. 

Coming soon.......

The day in the life of an online artist and her family. We just attempted to take pictures of the 4 kids and we will see if we got a couple to share that has everyone smiling and looking pretty at once. Wow that was a challenge. 

I will be listing new designs soon, very soon.  

I am in the 3rd reveal for Bead Soup coming up on August 25th.  I received a generous soup from my partner Lisa Lodge and had every intention of posting that soon as well. I think I lost the before pictures so if I find them I will post them. If not the reveal is August 25. Hint, shabby and chic. 

I received my September Bead Trends and will be writing up my review and sharing some of my favorite artists designs later this month. I love the way they photographed my necklace this month and some of my friends are debuting. Lots of goodies and I need a couple hours to work on that. 

Thanks for stopping by, as always I love comments and this time around just to know you found me. 


  1. Thanks, we all love our grand babies. They make life worth living.

  2. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. I hope they live near you so you can get your fill of snuggles. I'm in the Sept. issue, too. I don't have my copy yet but I know I will love your necklace because I think your style is fantastic.

    1. Thanks Cynthia, Yes these 4 grandkids live across our court. Our other 3 live in Oregon. We are very blessed. Thanks for the compliment. I will be blogging before the end of the month. Congrats on being featured. I haven't even had time to look at it closely yet.

  3. Such a lovely little lady! Give her a squeeze for me! Enjoy the day.

    1. Thanks Miss Erin, I always enjoy your comments.. Yes I was holding her a few hours ago and she is very sweet with her little arms and legs moving like an orchestra is in her head. Precious.