A brand new line of wearable art to share.

Some of you already know my husband and partner Michael is a very talented artist, musician and 
fine art photographer. 
Michael has worked in fashion, artistic portraiture, water studies, nature and abstract photography. 
He has always been interested in fashion and fine craftsmanship and recently added a new product line of wearable art jewelry in his WaterSouls Studios Shop on Etsy. www.etsy.com/shop/watersoulsstudios 

Ferrara Necklace
He begins with his drawing skills and sketches his designs as he transforms the idea from his sketch book into a finished piece. He enjoys working with mixed metals, hand forging copper, brass and sterling silver into unique handcrafted components. His work is labor intensive and the quality shows.  He has chosen a selection of amazing art glass beads and unique components to design with. www.etsy.com/shop/havanabeads and

Venezia Luna Earrings

Venice Earrings

Venice Necklace

A musician himself he got an idea to use upcycled guitar strings to design earrings. He has created these designs with strings from his Breedlove guitar and gorgeous art glass.
Music to Your Ears Earrings

Musical Light Earrings

Our son Tim Erickson, a recording artist supplied strings from his custom shop guitars as he just completed his latest solo album, "Over the Line". www.reverbnation.com/timerickson

Suspended 7th Earrings

These earrings feature peruvian opal and peridot, hand forged copper and sterling wire.
Maui Day Dreams Earrings

Look for these designs and more in the coming weeks along with his photography and pencil sketches.

Thank you for stopping by, I will be updating some of my beach designs soon from my shop. 


  1. Wow Cherrie, you have a very talented family. Your husband's designs are gorgeous. Congratulations to your Son on his album.

  2. Your husband's work is fabulous! It must be wonderful to have someone with which to share the need to create wearable art. Good luck to him and to your son.

  3. Thanks ladies. It has always been fun being surrounded by my artistic family. For years I was the one supporting them. Our son Sean used to be in a band with Tim. He was the lead singer and writer. He started a 3 book miniseries but I think it is on the back burner for now with family obligations. They have been very supportive of me in my art and so yes we are lucky.

  4. Beautiful work. I really love the clean lines and the simplicity of it!!! I wish my husband would delve in with me at least the metal work....I haven't hardly scratched that surface yet.